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People always stop me in the street and ask me what the best music to write to is.

Normally I’m like, ‘Get the fuck out of my face’, but today the person interrupting my day was golf legend Taylor Drake.

Taylor’s got a temper, but for my money his 4 year stint in Sing Sing (on a trumped-up GTA charge) truly has rehabilitated him.  I was a little surprised to bump into him at the ‘Planet of the Grapes’ Wine and Cheese eatery in Maryhill, Glasgow.  A lot of people have the wrong impression of Maryhill, bottom line is that if you’re on the right side of that moat, it’s basically just Bearsden east.

We got the waitress to put out tables together and we got down to it.

I sometimes feel all I’m remembered for in my career was the two back to back hole in ones I hit that day at the old course.  But when you like at my career as a whole I really think…

Listen buddy, can we hurry this up mate, and cut the all our yesterday’s routine.  What did you want to ask me?

Sorry mate.  What is the best music to write to?

Difficult.  It has to be sad, sad ish… a bit melancholy… You can’t write to KC and the sunshine band, you just can’t.

So my choices are:

Portishead: Glory Box

And for the more weird parts of your book, how bout a little ‘time to pretend’

And a little more upbeat again, ‘Plug in baby’:

I’m sure there a hundreds more, but tired of writing now, so stopping for the moment.